Mint Vibes

Back with a brand new blog post, but I’m not a beauty blogger. However, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to this trusted facial scrub. A nice way to end February 🙂

First of all, what drew me to this product was the fact it was mint. I figured out if mint toothpaste can burn spots, then there should be no reason why this product cannot work on my face.

Also, I’m a big fan of the texture of it. It looks like it won’t do the job but it will. It’s easy to blend into the skin and doesn’t feel harsh on your face. Use it on your face and neck by evenly smoothing it out. Apply and leave it on your face and neck until you’ve finished in the shower or bath, then wash it off (I believe the longer you leave it on, the more effective it is).

It also reduces pigementation issues and gives your face a nice glow. You don’t feel like rough toast, you feel more like the sweet strawberry jam that’s spreaded on top. It eventually starts to fade away spot scars too.

Last but not least, think of it as a good investment. It’s only £2.69 from Paks. It’s good for oily skin and if you have a habit of developing random spots. I’d say try it and see the results for yourselves. Let me know your reviews.

Chanda D


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